Through the work of the Springboard Trust many principals have developed clearer strategic visions, goals and plans for their organisations in areas including planning, resource allocation, staff engagement, and stakeholder management.

Thanks to its roots in the business community, SBT is able to connect and draw on a multitude of resources in order to focus on the essence of its model – ‘investing in frontline leadership’ – delivering a suite of programmes that leverage, adapt and share best practices across sectors. To do this SBT works via capacity building and strategic partnerships within New Zealand’s corporate and philanthropic sectors.

As Lorraine Mentz, Executive Director of SBT commented: “JFCT are highly valued, aligned ‘strategic partners’ and have invested in SBT since 2012. Their interest and engagement in our programmes together with their foresight and thought leadership has assisted us to not only deepen our programme delivery, but also scale into Northland. Their multi-year investment in our work is critical and enables us to deliver exceptional results!”