The Trust provides welfare and emergency support to individuals and families in need, and helps connect them to other agencies as needed. We fund personal development initiatives, including Outward Bound and Spirit of Adventure courses, and provide numerous scholarships and grants to those undertaking tertiary or trade study. In addition we also provide considerable funding for welfare initiatives aimed at strengthening relationships and increasing resilience within the Special Forces Community including the Toa Whanau and Arotautanga programmes. 

The women and men of the NZSAS Regiment train and work extremely hard to be able to do what they do, and the demands and pressures on both individuals and families can be significant. The NZSAS Trust, through donor support, works to relieve some of that stress and support them and their families through the provision of a range of services and funding. This support comes in a number of different forms including: 

Tertiary and trade scholarships

The Joyce Fisher Charitable Trust (JFCT) has been a tremendous supporter of the NZSAS Trust scholarship programme. As a result of JFCT’s very generous support we have been able to triple the number of scholarship awards we make each year as well as commit to multi-year awards to provide certainty to our beneficiaries. Whether the student is a soldier, veteran, partner or child, each is very grateful to receive financial assistance for their studies. The NZSAS Trust, with the support of the JFCT and other donors, has been able to award almost $500,000 in tertiary grants and scholarships since its inception in 2004.

Welfare and emergency grants

Life often throws a curveball right when you least expect it, and military families are no exception. We receive applications for a wide range of emergency and general welfare support, and have awarded several hundred thousand dollars in welfare support over the past 17 years. We could not do this without the aid of our donors and JFCT who have been stalwart supporters of the Trust for many years.

Outward Bound and Spirit of Adventure

Providing support and encouragement to our youth through these programmes has been a game changer for every participant. They come back enthused, motivated and well equipped to continue their journey into adulthood. We are also able to support youth representing NZ on an international stage, whether it be through school or sport.

Medical needs

Some of our families experience medical challenges that require resources over and above those available through the NZ Public Health system. All have been life changing for the individuals involved. Examples include:

  • The young son of a former soldier had a serious medical event as a toddler. His parents struggled to find the help he needed through the public hospital system. The NZSAS Trust was able to connect them with a specialist who  provided the family with the advice and direction they needed to improve his quality of life and move forward with confidence in his therapy needs.
  • Another veteran sought Trust funding for an essential medical device that would help his daughter’s condition. The Trust was able to provide funding for this life saving piece of equipment.
  • We were recently able to assist a veteran who needed surgery to relieve a very painful condition that was severely impacting his quality of life yet had a six month plus waiting list in the public system. As a result he was able to return to work and maintain his independence.
  • On a number of occasions we have been able to use the Trustees extensive networks to connect families with medical experts to facilitate positive outcomes for their loved ones. 

Community projects

Whilst the NZ Defence Force provides basic facilities for our soldiers there are a number of projects that are beyond the reach of the public budget that nevertheless make a significant difference to our soldiers and their families wellbeing. The JFCT has supported the Trust with a number of these projects over the years including the building and landscaping of a Memorial area and helping fund our community facility.

The NZSAS Trustees and beneficiaries are hugely appreciative of the ongoing support that the Joyce Fisher Charitable Trust provides. We greatly value our partnership and the difference it makes in the lives of our SF Community.