In a nation surrounded by the sea, many of our youth are missing out on the learning and self-development opportunities that engagement with our ocean can provide. New Navigators helps fill this gap. By building confidence and gaining basic skills through participation in sailing, rigging and knot tying, marine environment protection and more, the experience is integral in providing safe pathways to the sea for our students. 

With the generous and consistent support of Joyce Fisher Charitable Trust, which has supported the programme since inception, we have been able to give over 2,500 children from decile one and two intermediate schools the opportunity to accomplish something new, learn essential water skills and develop their capabilities further.

The benefits

  • Developing skills such as teamwork, critical thinking and problem solving
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem through facing challenges, overcoming their fears and participating in marine sports
  • A deeper sense of kaitiakitanga of the ocean, learning simple ways that they can help to protect the ocean thanks to the Blake NZ-VR outreach programme
  • A better understanding of how to enjoy and be safe on the water
  • Encouraging students to be more active and participate in sport