The Joyce Fisher Charitable Trust has been a major supporter of the Halberg Foundation since 2013 providing essential funding to support Halberg’s important programmes to assist in enhancing the lives of physically disabled New Zealanders by enabling them to participate in sport and recreation.

The Halberg team of regional Halberg Advisers work throughout New Zealand. These dedicated and expert staff work with physically disabled young people and their families to assist them to become active and involved in sports and recreation. They also collaborate with schools, local sport and recreation organisations, facilities and clubs to raise awareness and capability for the provision of inclusive sports programmes and events.

The Advisers deliver Halberg Inclusion Training – a course on adapting physical activity to include all New Zealanders in mainstream activities, events and programmes.  The aim of the course is to increase knowledge and skills of teachers and sport deliverers to give them the confidence and resources to deliver quality sporting opportunities to all.

In 2019/2020 The Joyce Fisher Foundation supports the delivery of the Halberg Inclusion Training across Auckland and Northland and provides valuable ‘leave behind’ disability sports equipment that schools can use to provide ongoing sports and games for all children.

The Halberg Games is a national, three day sports competition for physically disabled and vision impaired young people aged eight – 21 years. Halberg hosts the sports festival which give the attendees the opportunity to compete against other young people with similar impairments and pursue further sports goals.  The Joyce Fisher Charitable Trust – Spirit of the Games (female) trophy is presented to the Halberg Games female athlete who best captures the spirit of the event and embodies the following traits: helpfulness, leadership, kindness, resilience, hard work, innovative, winning attitude, positivity, or vibrant character.