Kiwi Can – Kiwi Kaha

Kiwi Can is a Graeme Dingle Foundation programme that provides life skills and values lessons to primary and intermediate students aged 5-12 years old.  The programme uses a multiple systems approach to provide opportunities for personal growth. Kiwi Can modules integrate both prevention of anti-social behaviours and promotion of age appropriate emotional, cognitive and moral development. Students can acquire and practice these skills in a supportive environment with their peers. In alignment with our organisations purpose Kiwi Can gives children the tools they need to conquer life’s obstacles and succeed.  

Delivered weekly to the whole school by trained Kiwi Can leaders it sets a solid foundation that students take with them through school and into later life. Each week Kiwi Can provides a positive, uplifting environment that encourages self-belief, confidence and builds resilience. Class lessons are approximately forty minutes and deliver topics such as integrity, accountability, cooperation, respect, perseverance and problem solving in an energy packed fun filled format. 

Accompanying the weekly lessons each year Kiwi Can students in each school collaborate on an annual Community Project. This initiative is led by the young people who take ownership and work with the support of Kiwi Can leaders and their school to make a positive difference in their local area. 

Why Kiwi Can – Kiwi Kaha? 

Effective programmes are strengths based, recognise protective factors and are grounded by reliable research. The Kiwi Can programme follows the principles of Positive Youth Development theory, which emphasise a best practice approach in the sector. In addition, modules inherently link to the Government’s Child Wellbeing Strategy. Kiwi Can encourages positive attributes and builds upon on the strengths of our young Kiwis. Lessons emphasise protective factors such as whanau connectedness, positive relationships, and emotional competence so that our rangatahi can successfully work through adversity.

Over ten years of evaluation has refined the programme and demonstrated that Kiwi Can works in partnership with schools to help create an environment where no child is left behind. Kiwi Can has undergone internal and external evaluation showing it is particularly effective at building positive behaviour and attitude. Students use strategies taught in lessons to take responsibility for their actions, show integrity, resolve conflict, achieve goals, understand emotions and positively communicate. Through whole school delivery these skills can have a ripple effect beyond the classroom to enhance school culture and community relationships.  

Every child deserves to the chance to thrive, feel they belong and contribute meaningfully in their life. Graeme Dingle Foundation programmes empower young people by nurturing their self-belief to overcome challenges and develop resilience. Our countries future parents, leaders and citizens are currently attending primary school, if we want to build a better Aotearoa for generations to come, this is where we start.

Feedback from schools

Kiwi Can is extremely important and worth the time and effort that both our school and Kiwi Can invest into our school. Our children thoroughly enjoy Kiwi Can, they find it exciting, useful and educational, presented in a fun but targeted set of lessons. A special part of Kiwi Can is also using leaders from within our community who can relate to the struggles and background of our children. This brings empathy for our children and our desire to support their growth and successes as students of our school who will become our future leaders and citizens of our community. We’d like to thank the Joyce Fisher Foundation for their ongoing support of Kiwi Can. Stan Whata, Koru School Principal