The Joyce Fisher Charitable Trust has supported the Old Girls Archives, the Lady Fisher Auditorium, a professional venue for the Arts in the school and more recently the new state-of-the-art Joyce Fisher Sports Centre. It is a legacy that enriches the lives of all the students who pass through the gates of Epsom Girls Grammar School.

The Lady Fisher Auditorium provides a professional venue for the Arts in the school. Students have the pleasure of performing on the stage or of being in the audience for the many wonderful productions which are performed there. The Music and Drama departments are enriched by the opportunities provided by this facility and they have produced many students who have chosen to continue their studies in these areas.

Epsom Girls Grammar School puts a high focus on a broad education which includes physical education and health as a compulsory subject up until year 12. The newly completed Joyce Fisher Sports Centre has provided a wonderful venue for all students to develop new skills in these programmes and to perform at even higher levels in their sporting codes. This world-class facility has redressed an historical disadvantage for the school as girls’ schools were never funded as generously for gymnasiums as boys’. The Joyce Fisher Charitable Trust has allowed the school to give girls’ sport and exercise the profile that it deserves.

Both of these venues benefit the community by providing facilities for musical and dramatic performances and for practice and competition in a variety of sporting codes. The Northern Mystics and other high profile netball teams have valued the facilities which the Sports Centre provides in such a central position in the city and badminton, futsal and ultimate frisbee are played there regularly by players of all ages.

The support of the Joyce Fisher Charitable Trust has allowed Epsom Girls Grammar School to provide world-class facilities for the growth of arts and sport in the school and in the community. These areas are regarded as essential for the broad development of students’ key competencies and leadership skills which complement their academic achievement. They are essential in the development of the strong, confident, caring, life-long learners described in the vision of the school.