In conjunction with this planting programme, all mammalian predators were eradicated, and many endangered birds and reptiles have been successfully introduced. These include the flightless takahe, the North Island kokako and the tuatara. There are few places in New Zealand where you can readily see and walk amongst so many rare species.

Educating young people on the value of protecting our endangered wildlife is at the core of what we do. Our vision is for every school in the Auckland area to have the opportunity to visit the island, where our inspiring volunteer guides help the children to engage with their surroundings.

However, many lower decile schools struggle to fund transport to the island. Therefore we established our Growing Minds programme, which provides grants to cover these costs.

The Joyce Fisher Trust has become an integral part of this programme, providing generous support which has allowed thousands of young people to visit the island free of charge. Each student learns about the importance of conservation and encounters our endangered species up close.

The support of the Joyce Fisher Charitable Trust in the programme is a living legacy with an impact that will continue to be felt for decades to come.